11.  Tribunal

        (1) There shall be a Tribunal to be called “the Maharashtra Sales Tax Tribunal”.  The Tribunal shall consist of such number of members appointed by the State Government as the Government may, from time to time, consider necessary for the proper discharge of the functions conferred on the Tribunal by or under this Act.

        (2)  The State Government shall appoint one of the members of the Tribunal to be the President thereof on the basis of his seniority in the Judicial Service.

        (3)  The qualifications and the terms of office of the members of the Tribunal shall be such as may be prescribed, and a member shall hold office for such period as may be prescribed or as the State Government may, by special order in his case, specify.

        (4)  Any vacancy of the member of the Tribunal shall be filled up by the State Government as soon as practicable.

        (5)  The functions of the Tribunal may be discharged by any of the members sitting either singly, or in Benches of two or more members, as may be determined by the President.

        (6)  If the members of a Bench are divided, the decision shall be the decision of the majority, if there be a majority; but if the members are equally divided, they shall State the point or points on which they differ, and the case shall be referred by the President of the Tribunal for hearing on such point or points to one or more of the other members of the Tribunal, including himself and such point or points shall be decided according to the majority of the members of the Tribunal who heard the case including those who first heard it.

        (7)  During the course of any proceedings, if a Bench is of the opinion that any earlier decision of any Bench on any point or issue requires reconsideration, or where such Bench is inclined to take a decision on any point or issue different than the decision earlier taken by any Bench, then such Bench shall refer the point or the issue to the President for formation of a larger Bench.  The President shall thereupon form a larger  Bench of such members of the Tribunal as he may determine.  Such larger Bench shall, as far as practicable, be presided over by the President.  The point or the issue shall be decided according to the decision of the majority of the members constituting such larger Bench. Where any member including the President is sitting singly he may in similar circumstances refer the matter to the President for formation of a larger Bench.

         (8)  The Tribunal shall have power to award costs after giving the dealer or person, as the case may be, a reasonable opportunity of being heard, and the amount of such costs shall be recoverable from the dealer or person ordered to pay the same in the manner provided in this Act for recovery of arrears of tax.

          (9)  The Tribunal shall, with the previous sanction of the State Government, for the purpose of regulating its procedure including the place or places at which the Tribunal, the Benches or the members thereof shall sit and dispose of its business, make regulations consistent with the provisions of this Act, rules and notifications.

       (10)  The regulations made under sub-section (9) shall be published in the Official Gazette.