52. Claim and grant of set-off in respect of purchases made  during any period commencing on  or  after the  appointed day.

 (1) In  assessing the  amount of tax  payable in  respect of any period  starting on  or after  the  appointed day,  by a registered dealer (hereinafter, in  this  rule,  referred to  as  the  claimant dealerthe Commissioner shall subject to the provisions of rule 53, 54, 55, 55B  in  respect of the  purchases of goods  made  by  the claimant dealer  on or after  the  appointed day,  grant  him  a set-off  of the  aggregate  of the  following sums,  that  is to say,

  (a) the  sum  collected separately from  the  claimant dealer by the  other  registered dealer  by way  of tax on the  purchases made  by the  claimant dealer  from  the  said  registered dealer  of goods  being  capital  assets  and  goods  the  purchases of which are  debited to the  profit  and loss  account or, as the  case  may  be, the  trading account,

 (b)  tax paid in respect of  any  entr mad afte the appointed day  under the  Maharashtra Tax on the Entry of Motor Vehicles  into Local Areas  Act,  1987,  and

  (c) the tax paid  in  respect of  any  entry  made  after  the appointed day  under the  Maharashtra Tax on the Entry of Goods into Local Areas  Act,  2003.

(d) The purchase tax paid by the claimant dealer under this act

(2) The set-off under this rule shall not be granted in regard to any quantum of  tax  if  set- off under rule 51 has been claimed in respect of  the same quantum of tax  or if set-off  has  been  claimed in respect of the  said  quantum under any  earlier  law.

(3) The Commissioner shall, in  respect of the  purchases of drugs  specified in sub-entry (a) of entry  29 of schedule C held  in stock  at the  close  of business on the  30th June 2007 by the  claimant dealer,  grant  him  a  set-off  as per  the  following formula, namely,

Maximum Retail Price X 4/104

 Provided that  the  claimant dealer  shall  not  be entitled to claim  set-off  under this  sub-rule unless hfiles  a stock  statement with  the registering  authority in the  format  appended hereto  on or before  the 31st  August 2007.

 Explanation. - For the purposes of this sub-rule maximum retail price  shall  mean,

1)     the  sum  of maximum retail  price  and  sales  tax,  where  it is separately charged in the  invoice; and

 2)     in any  other  case,  the  maximum retail  price  inclusive of sales  tax.


Details of goods held in stock at the close of business on 30th June 2007 as specified in sub-entry (a) of entry 29 of schedule C appended to the Maharashtra Value Added Tax Act, 2002.

Sr. No.

Date of purchase

Description of goods

       Actual purchase  price

M.R.P.    (In Rs.)






Retail price

Tax (if charged separately  in invoice)

















Total . .