1. Accounting Support Services
    • Accounts Payable Management
      • Purchase Order Processing
      • Verification of authenticity of the transactions with the help of invoices, vouchers and supporting documents and recording
      • Inventory Management
      • Settlement of Vendor Invoices
    • Accounts Receivable Management
      • Billing process
      • Customer accounting
      • Credit Control
      • Customer recovery
    • Books of Accounts Closure and Finalisation
      • Monthly books closure for finalisation with reconciliations
      • Audit Support
      • Inter-company/unit accounting and reconciliations
      • Fixed assets accounting
    • Performance management and Regulatory Reporting
      • Financial planning, comparison and analytics
      • Management reporting
  2. Payroll Services
    • Set-up employee masters in the payroll software with basic employee data (personal information, tax identity number, salary information, employee ID, cost centre etc.)
    • Preparation of monthly payroll, based on the inputs received, providing employee wise analysis of basic salary, perquisites and other allowances, deductions and net amount payable
    • Administration of various benefits (housing, transportation, provident fund, gratuity etc.) provided to employees based upon individual entitlements and limits
  3. Global Reporting and Performance Management
    • Preparation of various types of management reporting, depicting the performance of the company
    • Budgeting and variance analysis
    • Management reporting global Consolidation
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